What are the most popular islands in the Cyclades?

Words cannot describe our passion for Greece! It’s a nation with breathtaking landscapes, unparalleled history, and culture, particularly in the stunning Cyclades Islands.

The Cyclades Islands are all completely unique! They will take your breath away! Each has its own personality and is ideal for various journeys, making it perfect for any vacation you seek. Best of all, even if the ferries are sometimes late, they are well-connected and quite simple to traverse.

Therefore, we decided to offer some of the most popular islands in the Cyclades to visit while in Greece in order to make your vacation decision a little bit simpler.

  1. Santorini

Yes, of course, first on our list is Santorini island! Not only because there are numerous international connections to the airport, but it’s also absolutely gorgeous (amazing, actually), and you’ll have a ton of options for fantastic accommodations. But that does imply that at the busiest seasons of the year, it can become extremely crowded (and can get quite expensive, depending on where you stay).

Simply put, it’s breathtaking and a fantastic destination for anyone who wants a traditional Greek island holiday with sunsets, lovely restaurants and gorgeous vistas. Also, be sure to check out the sunset in the clifftop town of Oia.

  1. Mykonos

Mykonos island, frequently referred to as the party island of Greece, has much more than just its glitzy beach clubs and hip nightclubs. It’s one of the best islands in the Cyclades to visit if you want a decent balance of entertainment and history.

Also, remember to reserve a skip-the-line boat cruise to the historical island of Delos. It’s one of the most significant islands in Greek mythology, and it’s very close to Mykonos!

  1. Milos

Due to its stunning shoreline, Milos is one of the finest islands in the Cyclades to visit. This area is best appreciated in a relaxed manner because it’s full of stunning coves, exquisite beaches, and the famous Sarakiniko Beach (on the northern part of Milos island). Once there, make sure to spend some time in Sarakiniko’s pristine waters. There are no utilities nearby, and the sun can be very harsh, so bring plenty of sunscreen, beverages, and snacks.

Last but not least, make sure to reserve a table at “O! Hamos! Tavern” in the main town. The restaurant is a family business, and their baked feta is simply too good to pass up. Don’t miss it; after you’re full, you’ll thank us.

  1. Serifos

Serifos is one of the nicest islands to visit in the Cyclades. It is significantly less developed than islands like Mykonos, which is located north of Milos. As a result, it’s the ideal island to visit if you’re looking for a genuine getaway while in Greece. It’s very peaceful and offers peace of mind.

Go straight to Mpakakaki for outstanding Greek meat dishes after getting off the ferry. It’s a place you can’t miss because everything is freshly cooked and grilled. After you’ve had a satisfying meal, travel by car to Psili Ammos. If you go during the week, it’s completely unspoiled and quiet. 

Speaking of beaches, Ganema Beach, which is on the other side of Serifos island, is another solid favourite. The SAAN Eco Restaurant, which overlooks the bay, is the area’s most charming little foodie spot! 

  1. Sifnos

If you’re seeking an entirely calm island vacation, Sifnos, located in the centre of the Cyclades, is one of the best islands to visit. It’s a must to have lunch at Argyris, a family-run establishment that serves the best souvlaki in all of Sifnos island! They also make handmade tzatziki, which is too amazing to pass up. 

After that, spend some time at Vathi Beach (because of its warm, shallow waters) and Chrisopigi Monastery, which lies on the opposite side of Sifnos. If that sounds appealing to you, make sure to see the spectacular sunset – the shades of orange will leave you in awe!

Even if you’ve been to the islands in the Cyclades 5 or 10 times, you’ll still want to go, just as we do! It’s just so magical and special!

We sincerely hope our guide will help you have a magical experience and truly enjoy your trip! Visit our blog if you’re interested in learning more travel tips. There are several suggestions in it for your upcoming vacation!