Tips to combine the south of France and Catalonia

Stunning beaches and the luxurious lifestyle are just some things that people first notice when they visit the South of France. The area is a terrific spot to explore diverse cultures while basking in the Mediterranean sun. 

Another gem that is located by the Mediterranean Sea is the Catalonia region. And apart from the city of Barcelona – which is a must-see when visiting this region; your trip to Catalonia shouldn’t end there.

Here are the tips that you need to Visit the South of France

But how can you combine these regions in France and Spain and have a fantastic experience on a single trip? Here is the perfect point at which our tips come in handy:

Hiking to south of france

When you visit the South of France, go to the French village near the Cerbere border. There you will find regional railroad tracks, and if you hike across the border, you will find a town called Portbou. 

There are two paths that you can take, one is 45 minutes, and the other one is 1h30m. If you’d like to see some incredible seaside views, take the longer one! When you reach the top of the hill you will find yourself crossing the border with Spain. Amazing, right? The rest of the hike consists of going down the hill and arriving in the town of Portbou – which is one of the best places in the South of France.


Spain has one of the best rail systems in Europe, with many routes, nice trains, and affordable fares (by European standards). There is a wide variety of services, including the fast AVE railway, city networks at the local level, and the adorable small trains that travel along Spain’s northern shore. 

There is a 1078 km train trip that takes roughly 7 hours and 48 minutes, and it connects Catalonia and France. That is perfect because you will not only visit Catalonia but also travel to the South of France in just one ride! This includes a roughly one-and-a-half-hour layover on average.

The Catalonia to France train departs from the Paseo De Gracia in Barcelona (one of the best places to see in Catalonia); and arrives at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris, France. Each week, around eight scheduled train lines drive this route. But since the timetable during weekends and holiday frequently changes, make sure to check it before departure.


We only want to travel as fast as possible if you only want to get from point A to point B. But there are other instances, like this visit to the South of France and Catalonia, where you want to receive the whole travel package-experience wise. 

This is when the bus comes into the picture as a means of transport. Bus tickets start from as low as 5 euros, which makes this type of transportation an excellent choice for travelers on a tight budget. And although you might not receive a first-class service, you will still get to visit Catalonia and France for a much lower price.  

Final Words

If you want to go to Catalonia, then you have to spare a day and visit the South of France as well! Use these tips we provided and get the most out of your trip! And if you want to read more travel content, please check some of our other blogs.

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