The Atlantic Coast

Why do we include the Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal within our Mediterranean destinations?

When travelling across Europe, many people forget that Spain, Portugal and France are actually bordered by the Atlantic Ocean.

Portugal only has one coastline – and it’s all met by the Atlantic Ocean. Northern Spain has a stretch of coastline between France and Portugal which is on the Atlantic, with the South of Spain bordered by the Mediterranean sea. Northern France is also bordered by the Atlantic and the English Channel, while Southern France meets the Mediterranean.

Many mistakenly refer to the Algarve as being on the Mediterranean, but this coastline too is entirely on the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s important to consider the coastline when planning a trip, as many cities are port towns and well-known for their stunning beaches but the Atlantic is often far colder than the Mediterranean. Even if you’re not particularly interested in swimming or sunbathing, it pays to take some time out of your busy schedule and appreciate the beauty of the ocean – after all, it’s what connects us all!

We found some amazing destinations along the Atlantic coasts of Spain and Portugal en-route to the Mediterranean.


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