The 5 most beautiful spots to visit on the Portuguese coast on your next visit.

It goes without saying that Portugalis one of the most popular destinations in Europe, considering its rich history and warm hospitality. People across the globe have been eager to see the stunning Portuguese art and to get to know the welcoming locals. However, the Portuguese coast has always been in the spotlight, and it has always been the most intriguing attraction for most travelers. 

What are the most beautiful spots on the coast of Portugal?

If you decide to explore the Portuguese coast, you will need to make a quite difficult decision when it comes to picking out the spots to visit. The abundance of miraculous places will tempt you to go and visit all of them, but since it’s impossible, you will have to stick to a few of them. Below, we have a narrowed-down list that will help you pick the best places to visit in Portugal that suit your needs and match your traveling preferences. 

1. The exotic island of Madeirã at the Portuguese coast

If you intend to visit the Portuguese coast, you should not miss out on the astonishing surroundings Madeirã Island offers. This is the ideal spot to explore the unique flora of the coast and enjoy the tropical climate. You can visit the island even in winter, especially if you are looking for warm rays of sunshine during the cold days of the year.

Moreover, Funchal, the capital, is known for the awesome parties thrown for the New Year celebrations. Therefore, if you are looking for a new place to welcome new beginnings, then this is the place to go!

2. Fishing village Ericeira at the Portuguese coast

Fans of surfing will adore the small but cute fishing village of Ericeira. The village is located in the north of Lisbon, and it’s the ideal spot for those who want to hit the waves. However, if surfing is not your thing, you can still enjoy the unique things this beach town offers.

Tasting local food is never boring, so you can try some of the most delicious seafood dishes the Portuguese coast offers here. Plus, you get to eat while enjoying breathtaking views!

3. Sunny Algarve at the Portuguese coast

The Algarve coast should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Portugal. This sunny region has the best beaches, including one of the most popular sandy coastlines – Praia de Marinha. This beach is known for stunning rock formations, caves, and unique rock pools.

In addition, here, you can enjoy scuba diving or snorkelling, and see the underworld from another perspective.

4. Chic Lisbon at the Portuguese coast

You shouldn’t go to the coast of Portugal without visiting the capital. Lisbon is full of pretty neighbourhoods, and it includes the best viewpoints in this country. Wherever you go, you will have the chance to enjoy some spectacular views of the city.

Make sure to sample the delicious local food – you can try it at every corner of this city; when you think about things to do in Lisbon Portugal.

5. Splendid Porto at the Portuguese coast

Porto is the perfect city for those who enjoy fine wine and astonishing architecture. The popular azulejos are found everywhere you go, so you will give your eyes a real treat when wandering around the streets. Also, don’t forget to dine along the river Douro since Porto cuisine is known to be a genuine delicacy!

Get ready for your Portuguese adventure!

We believe that we have resolved your dilemma about the spots you should visit on the Portuguese coast. Now, pack your bags and get ready to see some stunning surroundings!

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