Galicia traditional restaurants that you need to try.

Besides the spectacular scenery and astonishing culture, Spain takes great pride in its traditional food. Local food is something you really need to try if you visit this country, especially if you head to Galicia. There are many traditional restaurants in Galicia that will offer you the chance to taste unique flavors to really spice up your life! Plus, the Galician people are very welcoming, elevating the whole experience

Five traditional restaurants in Galicia.

If you’ve decided to visit Galicia and try some quality traditional food, you will need to know the best eateries. Otherwise, you may spend your money on something that might spoil your perspective on Spanish food. The Galician cuisine is delicious, but you won’t be able to experience that if you go to the wrong restaurant!

That’s why we’ve assembled a list to narrow down your choices and help you pick the right place. Among the abundance of traditional restaurants in Galicia, it’s easy to get puzzled, especially if you’re naturally picky.

Alborada in Galicia

Looking for a classy and fancy restaurant where you can taste some traditional Spanish food? If this is the case, then Alborada is your place, and believe it or not – it comes with a Michelin Star rating! This restaurant in Spain not only serves delightful food, but it’s a place where food is artistically combined and creatively prepared.

Alborada is known for transforming traditional ingredients into exceptional dishes that cannot be found anywhere else. Moreover, all of their delicacies can be paired with fine wine; therefore, you have just found the ideal place for your dinner!

Hotel Roma Restaurante in Galicia

Don’t let the name deceive you; this restaurant in Galicia serves up genuinely unique traditional Spanish food! However, you should know that this eatery specialises in meat dishes. So, choose seafood on another occasion, and indulge yourself in perfectly grilled steaks prepared right in front of you.

When you visit Galicia, you need to try the Celtic pork because it is something totally different. The pigs in Galicia are fed according to a special diet, making the pork flavourful and delicious.

Casa Marcelo

A restaurant for every taste! Casa Marcelo is one of the best traditional restaurants in Galicia because it offers a diverse menu compatible with every diet. The secret behind the extraordinariness of this establishment is the concept in which the food is being prepared.

When eating at Casa Marcelo, you have the chance to taste delicious creations of traditional Galician ingredients inspired by Japanese cuisine.

Tira do Cordel

If you want to taste fresh seafood, you should go to Tira do Cordel. This is one of the restaurants in Spain that is located in Finisterre, a marine town that in Roman times was inhabited by boats and fishermen. Tira do Cordel does not only serve fresh seafood and fish, but it also gives you the feeling of stepping back in time since the building was formerly used as a salted fish factory.

Mesón O Pote

What do you think about a Spanish omelette? It isn’t an ordinary omelette, which is why it’s a special dish in this restaurant. In fact, this delicious dish on the menu here has received an award, so you shouldn’t miss out on the chance to taste it.

Mesón O Pote is a restaurant in Galicia that serves the most diverse dishes, from fish and meat to vegan options.

Be part of the Galician dining!

If you want to feel like a local in Spain, you need to visit some of the traditional restaurants in Galicia. We’ve selected the best ones for you, so now, you just have to go and enjoy their delicacies!

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