The 5 most spectacular walks in Corfu

Introduction to Corfu’s Walking Trails

Corfu, a jewel in the Ionian Sea, invites adventurers to explore its diverse landscapes through walking trails that weave through its heart. From the olive-blanketed hills to the sharp ascents of its highest mountains, these trails unfold the island’s natural beauty and historical treasures. Walkers of every experience level find routes that match their abilities, from leisurely strolls through aromatic olive groves and ancient villages to challenging hikes that reward with breathtaking views from atop Corfu’s rugged peaks.

The island’s history, etched into the ancient ruins and cobbled pathways of old towns, comes alive under the footsteps of those who traverse its lands. Each step on these varied terrains offers a narrative of Corfu’s past, intertwining with the serene beauty of its present—crystal-clear waters kissing sandy shores, and green valleys whispering the tales of yore. Whether it is the long and rewarding trek along the Corfu Trail that spans the entire length of the island, or a short circular walk around the picturesque villages, the experience is immersive and captivating. Nature flourishes in abundance, from wild flowers to lush vegetation, setting a scene that enchants every hiker.

Key Takeaways:

  • Corfu offers hiking trails for every level of adventurer, from easy walks to challenging hikes.
  • Diverse terrains and rich history enrich the walking experience with stunning views, ancient ruins, and picturesque villages.
  • The island’s natural beauty, from its olive groves to its highest mountain peaks, provides a breathtaking backdrop for walkers.

The Corfu Trail: A 200-kilometer Journey

The Corfu Trail stretches across the island, covering a span of 200 kilometers. This path invites hikers to traverse through a stunning array of landscapes, each with its unique charm. From the soaring peaks of the highest mountain to the tranquil olive groves, this journey offers unmatched diversity. Hikers encounter the quaint villages of Ano and the mesmerizing views from Old Perithia, ensuring a rich cultural experience along with the natural beauty.

Not just a physical challenge, the trail serves as a tour through Corfu’s vibrant ecosystem. The route takes adventurers from the sharp climbs of mountain paths to the sandy dunes of Corfu’s southernmost beach. Along the way, the old cobbled ways and green valleys tell tales of the region’s history and tradition. The ancient ruins and the abandoned village of Vatos speak to the island’s past, creating a connection between the hiker and Corfu’s long and storied history.

For those who seek the best views, the trail offers plenty. From the Bella Vista viewpoint, offering panoramic sights of the island’s western coast, to the serene landscapes at the summit of Agii Deka, every step presents an opportunity for unforgettable vistas. The path’s placement ensures a variety of sceneries, including the lush, olive-blanketed hills and the sparkling Ionian Sea, visible from some of the trail’s highest points.

Corfu Island

The Corfu Trail is more than just a hike; it’s an exploration of one of the Ionian Islands’ most beautiful natural and cultural landscapes. It’s an essential experience for avid hikers and nature lovers, combining challenging sections with easy hikes, ensuring that all can enjoy the splendor of Corfu. The trail leads through some of Greece’s most delightful footpaths, ending at breathtaking beaches perfect for a refreshing dip after a day of hiking.

Noteworthy Points Along the Corfu Trail

  • The mountain peaks of Pantokrator offer hikers some of the best views across Corfu and the Ionian Sea, standing as a highlight for those tackling the Corfu Trail.
  • Vlacherna Monastery in Paleokastritsa is accessible via a stunning coastal path draped in history and natural beauty, captivating walkers with its serene location and architectural charm.
  • Olive groves blanket much of the pathway, providing lush, green scenery that encapsulates the heart of Corfu’s agricultural land and invites a peaceful walking environment.
  • Picturesque villages like Ano Korakiana and Old Perithia dot the route, offering explorers a glimpse into traditional Corfiot life and history, with the opportunity for short rests and local cuisine.
  • The beaches of Agios Spiridonas and other hidden coastal gems lie near the trail, giving adventurers the chance to cool down and enjoy the island’s renowned clear waters and sandy stretches.
  • Ancient ruins and abandoned village sites along the trail speak to Corfu’s layered history, providing a rich tapestry for walkers interested in the island’s past civilizations.
  • The panoramic Bella Vista viewpoint offers breathtaking sights of the western coast, recognized as one of the best scenic spots on Corfu for a photo opportunity or simply to soak in the views.
  • The summit of Agii Deka, Corfu’s second highest peak, challenges hikers with a sharp climb but rewards them with unparalleled views of the island and beyond.

Check out this walk HERE

  • The hike is long 220km
  • The highest point is Pantokrator (917m)
  • The best time to go hiking is between May and October

Vlacherna Trail: Olive Groves and Coastline Wonders

The Vlacherna Trail weaves its breathtaking path through Corfu, a testament to the island’s natural and historic allure. Framed by verdant olive groves, this trail introduces hikers to a world where nature and history merge. The path is famed not just for its natural beauty but also for encompassing historical sights that tell tales of Corfu’s past. Each step on this trail is a journey through time, with the stunning coastline accompanying travelers, ensuring a blend of serene views and cultural enrichment.

One of the trail’s most significant assets is its ability to cater to varying experience levels. Whether you are an avid hiker seeking to conquer challenging terrains or a casual walker looking to indulge in the landscape’s tranquility, the Vlacherna Trail has something for you. Its design ensures that everyone, regardless of their hiking proficiency, can enjoy the majestic scenery that Corfu offers. The beauty of the olive groves, the historical richness of Corfu town, and the captivating coastline make the Vlacherna Trail a quintessential part of any visit to the island.

Along the way, villages of Ano emerge as picturesque spots where one can witness Corfu’s traditional life amidst lush landscapes. The route promises the best views at a gentle pace, making it an excellent choice for capturing the essence of Corfu without the need for a sharp climb or strenuous effort. From old Perithia to the beautiful vistas of Bella Vista, the Vlacherna Trail encapsulates the soul of Corfu, making each step a discovery and each view a memory to cherish.

Check out the full trail and other options: CLICK HERE

  • The hike is long 11.3km
  • Elevation is small, since you’re walking through the sea canal
  • The best time to go hiking is between June and September

Old Corfu Town Hiking Trail: Historic Charm and Leisurely Strolls

For those who seek a blend of history and leisurely exploration, the Old Corfu Town Hiking Trail presents an unparalleled opportunity. Meandering through the heart of Corfu’s storied streets, this trail invites you to immerse yourself in the island’s rich past. You’ll walk past ancient fortresses that have withstood the test of time, offering glimpses of the strategic importance of this Ionian gem. The trail continues through picturesque squares, where the harmonious blend of Venetian, French, and British architectural influences is on full display. Each step on the cobbled pathways reveals a new layer of Corfu Town’s intriguing history.

Unlike the rugged terrains and sharp climbs found on some of the island’s other routes, this trail promises a more relaxed pace. It’s perfect for those who prefer to soak in the sights and sounds of the old town without the challenge of steep ascents. Olive groves and panoramic views of the highest mountain peaks add a natural serenity to the urban landscape. Along the way, the trail offers easy access to several of Corfu’s best views, including Bella Vista, known for its breathtaking vista of the western coast.

The Old Corfu Town Hiking Trail not only caters to history buffs but also to casual walkers who appreciate the beauty of Corfu’s urban and natural landscapes intertwined. It stands as a testament to the island’s history, showcasing ancient ruins and offering insights into the lives of the people who once roamed these streets. For a journey that captures the essence of Corfu, marked by leisure, beauty, and history, this trail is unmatched.

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  • The hike is long 5km
  • The trail goes through the old town of Kerkyra, so elevation levels vary
  • The best time to go hiking is between May and October 

Donkey Path Trail: Family-Friendly Adventure

The Donkey Path Trail presents a unique adventure, perfect for families looking to explore the rich landscapes of Corfu together. Winding through the northern coast of the island, this trail captivates with its panoramic views of the glistening Ionian Sea and the lush greenery of olive-blanketed hills. Its moderate elevation ensures an enjoyable walk for participants of all ages, making it an ideal destination for those with young adventurers in tow.

Travelers on this path will be delighted by the diverse encounters with local wildlife, creating memorable moments for both children and adults. The trail teems with life, from the graceful iguanas basking in the sun to the curious snakes slithering amidst the underbrush. Such sightings provide an excellent opportunity to teach kids about the natural world in an engaging and direct manner.

Aside from its natural allure, the Donkey Path Trail is punctuated by picturesque villages nestled amidst the olive groves, offering a glimpse into the traditional Corfiot lifestyle. This close-knit connection between nature and culture on the trail underscores Corfu’s rich heritage, making each step an exploration of the island’s vibrant history and bucolic charm.

Moreover, the trail’s accessibility ensures that families can embark on this adventure without concerning themselves with additional costs or strenuous preparations. The remarkable blend of scenic beauty, cultural experiences, and wildlife encounters solidifies the Donkey Path Trail as a must-visit for families seeking an enriching adventure in Corfu.

While it’s best to go during Spring and Autumn months, because of the mild temperatures, you can still enjoy a winter walk. Just make sure to dress warmly. Check out this trail HERE

  • The hike is long 1.1km
  • The highest elevation point is 247m
  • The best time to go hiking is between June and October

Mount Pantokrator hiking trail

If you are an experienced hiker who wants to explore the longer walks in Corfu island, take a look at this incredible trail! We are starting with the most important information here – the trail is one of the most difficult ones you will find on this island! Since Mount Pantokrator is one of the highest mountains there, you are guaranteed a view that will take your breath away.

The elevation on this Corfu trail is about 1000m within the 12 kilometres you will walk. Since it is a demanding experience, note that you should be physically fit.

Pantokrator, Corfu

Circular hiking from the village of Strinilas to the top of Mount Pantokrator, Corfu’s highest mountain, where the Monastery of the Ipsilos Pantokrator is located. The route follows the shortest dirt path which goes circularly and reaches the Pantokratoras Peak. The route continues west to the starting point. The changes of the landscape always vary with a view of the beaches and the Ionian Sea.

Check out this route HERE

  • The hike is long 12km
  • The highest point is the top of the mountain Pantokrator (906m)
  • The best time to go hiking is between June and October

Discovering Corfu Beyond Walking Trails

Exploring Corfu goes beyond its cherished walking trails. Visitors discover a world teeming with activities that complement their hiking adventures. The island, renowned for its olive-blanketed hills and crystal-clear waters, captivates not just hikers but anyone drawn to its charm. From lounging on gorgeous beaches to unraveling the mysteries of ancient ruins, Corfu invites a versatile exploratory experience.

Getting to Corfu is a breeze with options that suit varied preferences. Direct flights from several locations land at Corfu Airport, offering convenience for international travelers. For those seeking a scenic route, ferries from mainland Greece present an enchanting journey across the Ionian Sea, docking at Corfu’s welcoming harbors.

Accommodation in Corfu caters to a broad spectrum of tastes and budgets. Visitors can choose from luxurious resorts nestled on the beaches, charming boutique hotels in Corfu Town, or quaint, family-run guesthouses in the picturesque villages. Each option promises a comfortable stay, enveloped in Greek hospitality and the island’s soothing ambiance.

The best time for hiking in Corfu is from late spring to early fall. Between April and June, the weather is mild, and the landscape bursts with colorful wildflowers, creating a perfect setting for trail exploration. September to October delights with a serene atmosphere, as the summer crowds thin and the Mediterranean climate remains gentle, ideal for enjoying the trails in peace.

Whether one’s interests lie in challenging hikes up steep ascents or leisurely strolls through ancient villages, Corfu offers a diverse array of experiences. From the unforgettable views atop the island’s highest mountain to the serene beauty of olive groves and secluded beaches, a visit to Corfu is an invitation to engage with nature, history, and culture in one of the most enchanting destinations in the Ionian Islands.

Corfu - stunning views

Best Swimming Conditions and City Excitement

  • Corfu’s crystal clear waters invite you for a refreshing swim after a long walk, surrounded by the island’s most beautiful beaches.
  • The old town of Corfu is a hub of activity, where history blends with modern excitement, making every stroll through its streets an adventure.

Exploring Corfu’s Nature Through Varied Walking Routes

Corfu, a gem in the Ionian Islands, boasts a variety of walking routes that cater to nature enthusiasts of all levels. The island’s diverse landscape offers a unique blend of coastal paths that trace the edges of glistening blue waters, forest trails that wind through lush greenery, and olive groves that tell tales of ancient agricultural practices. These walking routes not only provide a physical challenge but also a sensory experience, with the scent of wild flowers, the sound of rustling leaves, and the sight of picturesque villages dotting the landscape.

Among the best walks in Corfu are the trails that lead to the villages of Ano and Old Perithia. These routes offer a deep dive into the island’s rich history, with ancient ruins and old cobbled ways that narrate stories of yesteryears. The ascent towards Corfu’s highest mountain, Mount Pantokrator, presents a sharp climb, but the reward is the breathtaking panoramic views from the summit. This trail allows hikers to look out over the entire island, encompassing the olive-blanketed hills, rugged coastlines, and the deep blue of the Ionian Sea.

The Corfu Trail, a renowned path that stretches across the island from south to north, invites avid hikers to embark on a journey through varied terrains, including sandy dunes, steep mountain footpaths, and minor roads that cut through agricultural land. This trail encapsulates the essence of Corfu’s natural beauty and serves as a highlight of any hike on the island.

For those looking for a more leisurely experience, short walks around the Old Town of Corfu uncover the charm of narrow streets, ancient fortifications, and vibrant squares. Meanwhile, coastal walks to Cape Drastis and Porto Timoni offer serene views of the sea, with opportunities to explore secluded beaches and saltwater lakes.

Corfu’s walking trails are accessible at any time of the year, but the best time to explore these paths is during the spring and fall when the weather is mild, and the natural landscape is at its most vibrant. Whether seeking an adventurous day hike or a multi-day trek, Corfu’s trails promise memorable experiences set against the backdrop of one of Greece’s most remarkable footpaths.

We are hoping that these walks and hiking trails in Corfu have piqued your interest. If you love this subject and want to read more, move on here and keep exploring!

📌 Getting to Corfu

Flying ✈️ from most main cities is fairly easy. The best flight rates can be found here (click here)

If you’re island hopping, or simply prefer a more adventurous route, the ferry ⛴️ is well connected. Click here for the network, price options and to purchase tickets online. Corfu is served from the mainland, Italy and Albania.

📌 Where to stay in Corfu for walking and hiking

We looked at the best places to stay in Corfu for these walking and hiking trips. Here’s our selection for Corfu Old Town (a great base for hiking on Corfu):

Time in Corfu is always time well spent. Let us know what you choose to do! We’d love to hear from you… 🙂

The Wrap Up:

If you’re looking for an unforgettable outdoor adventure, look no further than hiking in Corfu. This beautiful Greek island offers some of the best hikes and walks that you can find. Lace up your hiking boots and get ready to explore the stunning landscapes of Corfu.

One of the best hikes in Corfu is the renowned Corfu Trail, which takes you through breathtaking scenery and showcases the island’s natural wonders. This challenging hike is perfect for experienced hikers who want to immerse themselves in the beauty of Corfu. As you traverse the trail, you’ll encounter diverse terrains, from lush green valleys to rugged mountain peaks.

For those seeking a more leisurely walk, Corfu boasts a plethora of stunning walking routes. From coastal paths to forest trails, there is something for every nature enthusiast. You can embark on the best walks in Corfu, where picturesque villages and olive groves await you around every corner.

When it comes to finding the best hike in Corfu, it’s hard to beat the breathtaking views and refreshing atmosphere of Mount Pantokrator. Ascending this mountain offers an awe-inspiring panorama of the island. The hiking trails in Corfu cater to all fitness levels, ensuring that everyone can experience the joy of exploring this captivating destination.

If you’re worried about language barriers, fear not! Many of the hiking trails in Corfu are well-marked and have English signage, making navigation easy for English-speaking hikers. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner looking for a memorable adventure, Corfu welcomes you with its exceptional hiking opportunities.

So, pack your backpack, lace up your boots, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Make sure to explore the best hikes and walks that Corfu has to offer. Get lost in the natural beauty of this Greek island, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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