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Hi – we’re Anna & Tim – global explorers, digital nomads, sea gypsies and all that…

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My career in travel started when I was age 19 and started flying as cabin crew for British Airways. Initially I operated flights to more than 20 short-haul destinations across Europe over 10 years. I spent anything from 1 to 6 nights in these destinations. I am forever grateful for this time in my flying career as I got to see, taste and experience European destinations that I would never have considered visiting for a holiday myself. My love of Mediterranean destinations and especially the Greek Islands grew from there.
The next 11+ years of my career were spent flying to many long-haul destinations such as the Caribbean (Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad, Tobago, Grenada, St Lucia, Costa Rica); the east coast United States (Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale), plus Houston, Las Vegas, Cancun, Bermuda, the Maldives, Mauritius and Cape Town. I have had the pleasure of staying in some of the most stunning, luxurious hotels and resorts in the world – and I even had the privilege of undertaking hotel inspections and selection for the crew fleet.

Given the wonderful benefit of staff travel, for more than 20 years, I have travelled the world extensively for holidays  – to Asia (Thailand, Loas, Cambodia), Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Peking, Sydney, Tokyo, Wellington (NZ), North, South and West Africa, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, California, Canada, India. I learned to ski in 2008, and now ski every season in Europe or Whistler.
By 2014 I had studied and qualified to become a barrister. I left my (by then) part-time flying career in 2017.  Having practised law ever since, it has become clear to me that my passion for travel and adventure is never going away! In 2019, Tim and I learned to sail – first in a dinghy, and then we went on to do Comp. Crew and Day Skipper qualifications on a sailing yacht. Tim has also completed YachtMaster Coastal Skipper with the mileage for YM Ocean in his sights. In 2020, we bought a 52ft sailing yacht which will become our home along with our cats, Rocket & Aerial. We plan to sail to the Med. for 3 – 5 years before heading off across the pond to spend a year or so in the Caribbean and the Bahamas. We then plan to pass through the Panama Canal to the Indian Ocean.

Great Escape Travel was born from my relentless passion for travel and adventure. My travel business is an extension of the things I love to do and share with others. It was the natural next step in my journey. Am I still a barrister? Yes. But I no longer submit to the 9 to 5 demands of a demanding full time career.
My business has two sides: 

1) publishing content about our travels, recommendations, wonderful destinations and future plans, and

2) I find and book amazing holidays deals (including business travel) for my clients. In 2021 I became a fully qualified ABTA bonded travel agent.  I have agent-only access to thousands of travel offers, hotel and resort deals and options. These may be booked alone or to include ATOL protected flight options of all classes. In addition, I am able to find specialised activities and excursions, plus car hire, at your chosen destination. 

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1. How can I afford to travel so often?

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3. Have you ever been in danger?

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